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Hello 👋 I'm Ahmed a software engineer from 🇪🇬living in Toront 🇨🇦I'm focus on code quailty, simplicity and extensibility.

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​FundThrough helps business owners eliminate "the wait"​​​associated​ ​with payment terms by giving them the power and flexibility to get their invoices paid when they want, with one click, and in as little as 24 hours.
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PageOneX - Google Summer of Code
PageOneX makes it easy to track, code, and visualize major news stories based on the proportion of newspaper front pages that they take up.
Online analytics tool
Salamworld is a global social network based on Islamic values of collaboration, mercy, justice, freedom, morality and peace, providing a platform for people from various countries, backgrounds and ethnic groups to gather for a common ground.
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Must read books for developers

Must read books for developers
This list here aggregated here is not new but more of a reminder. Feel free to send me more books to add to the list.
Jun 2019 - 1 min